Sunday, March 2, 2014

Looking for a Fun Oscar Party to go to? Hollywood Theater Oscar Party is On!

The Hollywood Theater in Dormont is running their great Oscar party again this year. If you were on the fence about going out tonight, the weather (at least west of Pittsburgh) is pretty good and the Hollywood still has tickets for tonight. Dress up, don't dress up, but show up in Dormont tonight.

Even though the roads are pretty clear, do yourself a favor and don't take Potomac between Banksville and Belrose or Espy Streets. Take Hillsdale instead as it's much less steep. Free street parking tonight!

I had a winning night at the party. I won one round of Oscar trivia and won candy. I later won the Oscar ballot pool for the evening, guessing 18 of the 24 Oscar winners (75%). Won two books & movie tickets.

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