Friday, June 7, 2013

Write Your State Senator/Representative About Extending the Film Tax Credit

If you do any professional film/TV work, it's been a very quiet time in Pennsylvania. I worked on some interesting but ultra-ultra low budget projects in Ohio (meaning - lunch provided) and a day for pay on Veep in Maryland (the episode "Running" which will be on HBO on June 16 - I play a race spectator). This is mostly because the Pennsylvania Film Tax Credit ran out months ago. Despite the fact we have great locations, crews and extras, Hollywood projects rarely come our way without a film tax credit.

State Senate Majority Leader Dominic Pileggi is in the process of getting co-sponsors for a bill to uncap the PA Film Tax Credit, which could help bring film/TV projects back to Pennsylvania. More film projects mean more rental dollars, more hotel dollars, more salary dollars and more tax dollars to the state. The film tax credit makes money for Pennsylvania and for Pennsylvanians.

Ask your State Senator to be a sponsor of this bill. Help bring film work back to Pennsylvania again.