Friday, February 11, 2011

Joe Hill's Locke and Key Being Filmed Locally

Since the release of a number of Pittsburgh-shot movies last fall (Unstoppable, Love and Other Drugs and The Next Three Days), it's been a quiet time, TV/movie production-wise, in the Pittsburgh area.

That's changed now that Locke and Key, based on a comic book by Joe Hill, has come to town. Its director, Mark Romanek, has a history of making solid but under-appreciated movies (Never Let Me Go, One Hour Photo and Bee Season). Its lead, Miranda Otto, is sometimes in big projects (Lord of the Rings, War of the Worlds) but often doesn't get her due. Her co-star, Nick Stahl (In the Bedroom, Carnivale), also does terrfic work.

In this movie, the Pittsburgh area (Hartwood Acres in particular) is playing rural Massachusetts. While Massachusetts has more rolling hills and isn't as "ridgey" as Western Pennsylvania, it's a good fit.