Saturday, December 17, 2011

Dark Knight Rises Trailer II

The Dark Knight Rises has been in production for a very long time all over the world. When the first teaser trailer was out last summer, the movie had already been shot on two continents and was shooting in Pittsburgh.  So there were no local shots in the first trailer for obvious reasons.

It was fun to see Pittsburgh show up prominently in the new The Dark Knight Rises trailer that has just started playing (12/11). The portions of the trailer shot in Pittsburgh include:
  • The long stadium shots were all from Heinz Field, and those shots open the trailer, with the kid singing the National Anthem
  • The field explosion, dramatically enhanced by CGI
  • The fighting in front of gray-columned Mellon Institute (though a lot more of the fighting was also shot in New York City recently)
  • One street scene with a low-flowing aircraft filmed in downtown on Smithfield St. 
The second trailer is now available online.  I don't seem to be in it, though I was only about 10 rows away from the kid who was singing.


Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Screen Actors Guild Nomination for Nick Nolte for Warrior

Every once in a while, a movie shot in the Pittsburgh area is nominated for an award. Granted, it doesn't seem to happen that often. So, it was nice to see Nick Nolte, who played the father in Warrior, be nominated for a Screen Actors Guild Award for Best Supporting Actor. Good luck to Nick! Full SAG Nominee List