Sunday, July 19, 2009

The Bread, My Sweet

The Bread, My Sweet was shot in Pittsburgh, specifically mostly in The Strip somewhere around 2000. And why? Because it's about a bakery that looks suspiciously like Enrico Biscotti. Turns out the director's husband owns and operates Enrico's. A wonderful, undiscovered gem featuring Rosemary Prinz as the wise grandmotherly character.

While this movie didn't have much distribution, I saw it in 2001 at the Denis Theatre in Mt. Lebanon. The Denis has since been closed for a number of years, but there are people in the area trying to reopen it. To help raise awareness, a group in Mount Lebanon has started Last Saturday Cinema, and brings in interesting movies to show. This Saturday, July 25, The Bread, My Sweet will play again in Mt. Lebanon, but this time in a tent on Washington Road.

If I didn't have a prior commitment that night, I'd be there. This movie is absolutely worth the trip (unless you're only looking for mayhem flicks).